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Your Massage Questions Answered

1. Where are you based?

We are a London based mobile massage company. Our Therapists will travel to you at your home, hotel or office. If you have any enquiries regarding our services then please use the ‘Contact Us’ page or call us and we will be glad to assist you

2. What will be the appropriate massage for me?

If this is your first massage, we recommend you check the Massages page on our website which has descriptions of the massages that are available. We are dedicated to provide you with the best massage experience so therefore we recommend you communicate with your Massage Moghul to establish what will benefit you the most. If you have firther questions on treatments that are available then please feel free to contact us.

3. How much do you charge for massages?

The massages start from £50 depending on the type and the duration of the massage. Please check our News and Offers page on our website for special offers and discount codes as we have offers on a regular basis.

4. What are your opening times?

You can contact us Monday-Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm. All of our Moghuls have their own time schedules and availability. The booking system will automatically update each of the Moghuls’ availability, so we advise you to check the Moghuls’ availability on our automatic booking system to see if they are available. If you require a massage from a specific Moghul and can’t access their availability on our website then please feel free to contact us via email or phone and we will be glad to assist you.

5. Do The Massage Moghuls use a massage table?

As The Massage Moghuls are travelling around London and are mobile they have been highly trained at performing massages on the floor or bed so therefore they do not carry massage tables with them as it is not convenient.

6. I can see the days the moghuls work but she does not have a schedule.
How can I book with her?

if you can’t see her schedule for the day that it says that she works then that means she has taken the day off. You can check her schedules for the other days she works and book online to avoid disappointment or alternatively just call us and find out the next day she is working and we will book your massage for you.

7. What should I wear during the massage?

Most of our customers have an oil based massage so we advise you to dress accordingly; some people may prefer be nude but others prefer to keep their underwear on during their massage. Please note that The Massage Moghuls strictly provide therapeutic massages so when you are asked to turn over to your front your genital area will be covered.

8. What type of massage is right for me?

If it’s your first massage with us, we highly recommend the swedish or the lomi as these are massages that can relax your whole body. We are dedicated to promote healthy living and your Massage Moghul will work with you to help you find a massage that benefits your needs. Should you have any questions on any of our treatments please feel free to contact us where we will be able to assist you.

9. Do you need to know of any medical conditions?

It is strongly advised that you do tell your Massage Moghul of any medical conditions that you may have. On the booking form there is a ‘Notes for Moghuls’ section where you will be able to inform your Massage Moghul. Please use that section to also inform them of any medical conditions that you may have or even directions so it’s easier to find your address from the nearest station.

10. What if I don’t want to book online?

It is easier to book online as it will guarantee that your therapist has been booked by you for the time you want. However if you do want to make a phone booking there an extra booking charge of £5 and also that there is no certainty that you may be able to book with the therapist of your choice, as there is a possibility that while you are on the phone with us, someone else might book them online. But if you wish to make phone bookings, we will be happy to do that.

11. Is it ok to eat & drink before my massage?

It is not advisable to have a massage straight after you have eaten. We advise you to eat one hour before your massage and avoid any intoxicating drinks or medicines.

12. The pressure of the massage is too hard for me, how shall I tell My Massage Moghul to ease the pressure?

Your Massage Moghul is there to help you relax at all times during your massage. To achieve this, it is important that you communicate with them accordingly. Make sure you tell them if the pressure should be more or less. Tell them if you feel any pain during the massage. Don’t be shy or feel that you might offend them.

13. I want a specific part of my body to be massaged, is that ok?

We are here to provide with the service you require. If you choose to have specific areas of your body to be massaged then please inform your Massage Moghul when they start your massage. You can also inform them by using the form on the ‘Notes for Moghuls’ section on the booking form. This will save you from wasting your massage time. Please note that they will not massage any inappropriate parts of your body. They only provide therapeutic massages.

14. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment in cash GBP only. The payment should be given directly to your Massage Moghul. Please accept our apologies in advance that we do not accept any other currency or any other form of payment.

15. Can I tip The Massage Moghul?

Tipping is allowed and at your discretion.

16. What is the quickest time my Massage Moghul can get to me?

You will have to allow one hour travelling time for your Massage Maoghul to get to you. They will be travelling by public transport so please take that into consideration. Due to unforeseen travel delays we will not be able to guarantee you that they will arrive to you within the time you booked but if that is the case we will keep you updated via phone or regular text messages and inform you of their time of arrival.

17. How will I know when my massage starts and finishes?

The moment your Massage Moghuls hands touch your body that’s when your massage will begin. They will tell you beforehand if they will use any form of signs to indicate to you that the massage has finished just to avoid you from jerking as massages put you in a state of total relaxation.

18. When I lie on my front I drool at times, I feel embarrassed?

This is something that is quite common as massages can relax you into a state of sleep and subsequently cause you to drool. Please don’t be embarrassed as our Massage Moghuls are fully aware of this occurence.

19. I want to book a massage with a moghul, but I can’t seem to find their availability. What should I do?

Next to each of Our Moghuls we have added their working days and times. If there is a case that their availability is not on the website on a day that they usually work, it means that they have taken that day off. If you want to book them in advance without having to check their schedules then please contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to arrange your massage with them.

20. I want to book a massage with one of your Massage Moghuls, but I can’t see her schedule. What should I do?

Next to the profiles of all The Massage Moghuls, we have put down the days and hours they work. If on one of the days you can’t see the schedule for a Massage Moghul that means they are not working on that day. Some weeks they work extra days so you might have a chance to book them in advance.

21. I booked a massage for an hour but I want my Massage Moghul to stay longer. What shall I do?

You must tell them if you want a longer session as soon as possible so they can inform the admin team to update their schedule on the system. This is so that they can’t be booked by someone else. Once it has been authorised by the admin team and fi they haven’t been booked by another client straight after you, they will be able to massage you for longer.

22. I want to book a few sessions in advance with different Massage Moghuls, What shall I do?

That is fine. If you want you can do it online yourself. But if you prefer to make phone bookings then please call us and we will arrange it for you and update The Massage Moghuls schedules accordingly.

23. I booked a massage but I can’t make it. What are your cancellation fees?
Please take into consideration that once you have made the booking with the chosen Moghul, she will only be available for your massage and unavailable from the system for that time. Once you have confirmed your booking by submitting your request for your massage, the Moghul cannot be booked by another customer during that time slot. In order to minimize Our Moghuls losing other possible bookings, we urge you to inform us within four hours of any cancellations or amendments by telephone or email, of which you can find on our Contact Us page. Your Massage Moghul will start to travel to you an hour before your appointment and if you don’t cancel before that time then we will charge you a fee of £30, for their time, travelling costs and loss of earnings.

24. I want a massage with a Moghul but she is not working today. What shall I do?

If you would like a massage with a specific Moghul then the best thing to do is to check what days she is working. All Our Moghuls are self-employed and we do not restrict them to work. We recommend you book with them in advance as all the Moghuls get booked up very quickly. At The Massage Moghuls, we not only thrive to help our clients get the best out of our treatments but we also work with our Moghuls to give them the freedom to work when they are able to.

25. Why is that the working days change for the Moghuls every week?

Some of our Moghuls’ working days remain the same week to week, however a couple of our Moghuls need to work specific days of the week according to their busy lives. That is the reason why their working days change from week to week. We can only recommend you enquire with us and book in advance if you want a massage with a specific Moghul.

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