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It’s not the Dress that makes you look Fat…’s the Fat

When asked if the dress makes Her look Fat the Husband replies “It’s not the Dress that makes you look Fat…. It’s the Fat”.

This was a post on Facebook of the things a husband should never say to his Wife! Funny as this is it got me to thinking how we bury our heads to the big picture on weight!

Whenever I exercise with a large group I am inevitably asked by someone how I diet or how I keep so thin (having lost a stone or two over the last couple of years). So I thought I would put something together on what has worked for me, notice I have said what has worked for me, if the science isn’t right or is old fashioned I am more than happy to be put right, it’s all learning after all!

1) The Battle is won in the Head As is true with most battles the battle for weight loss is mostly won in the head, if you get this right then you are set.

It’s not a Diet that you are undertaking its a new Healthy way of Life” , you are going to live healthy and the weight coming off will be a bi product of this new healthy lifestyle.

Your body is passive in the dieting process, it simply obeys instructions from the head and does an amazing job! The best dieters or converters to a healthy lifestyle are cancer or heart attack survivors don’t wait for this make the commitment now today!

2) Don’t eat ANY PROCESSED food, no turkey twizzlers no mince, sausages, beef burgers, pies or pastries, these products are poison to you, you will find alternatives, veggie sausages, Fish, Chicken, Tuna. Processes foods are designed to smell good and feel good in the mouth and are addictive but after a while of not eating them you will not even like the smell

3) Eat a FAT FREE DIET there is a clue in the word FAT, your body can only store FAT it cannot store carbs ( except as glycogen in small amounts). The bodies preferred energy source is carbs. Which means if its burning carbs then its storing fat! You do need some fat to survive but you can get this from fish. Nuts, avacados or omega supplements. Skimmed milks or almond and soya milks.

You will of course not be able to have a totally fat free diet nor is it desirable, if you did have a fat free diet your body would indeed try to turn some of your excess carbs into fat (as your body is clever and realises that you need some fat).

4) AVOID SUGAR, sugar is in everything, seek it out and eradicate this from your diet, Cereals being a prime source of sugar, soft drinks, white bread all contain vast amounts of sugar, you are addicted to sugar right now but in fact this is destroying your taste buds, a few months of no sugar and you will be surprised how good the natural things like fruit and veg begin to taste! Avoid Sugar

Sugar brings about a rush of insulin into your body which switches your body into FAT STORAGE MODE which means you will burn carbs and store fat, not what you want at all, especially just before you exercise and want to burn fat.

5) Throw away the scales but buy a full length mirror, get the tape measure out and measure the major body parts and make a note,waist,chest,thighs,biceps etc make regular checks and enjoy the improvement, if you are combining a new lifestyle with and increase in exercise you will not notice a drop in weight as your blood volume and muscles increase, but your body will begin to change shape!

Check out the changes and give yourself a pat on the back.

6) obey the 90% Rule, very few people can eat healthily all the time, aim for 90% but be aware that it is taking a step backwards when you stray from the path and initially I would try to stay 100%

7) Be Prepared, if you know that you are going to be in the situation where healthy food is in short supply then think about what the healthy alternatives are for you, it will become second nature, take fruit, dried fruit, nuts etc as snacks, the longer you are eating healthy the better the natural foods begin to taste!

8) stick to low or medium GI foods (Glycemic Index) these foods will not produce an insulin rush and are invaluable guide to eating healthy! 9) Think yourself into a healthy lifestyle, it’s a well known fact that you get results from positive thoughts, think UP the Healthy foods, Think DOWN the bad foods, get to love fresh vegetables and salads! 10) Reward yourself when you have made progress, not with bad foods but with new clothes or sporting equipment etc, we always forget to pay ourselves on the back! Spend sometime at the end of the day to review the positive progress that you have made! Glycemic Index

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