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How to Choose a Wedding Car

When you are about to get married, there would be so many things you have to think about and plan. A wedding is an elaborate affair and you have to look into each detail carefully to ensure that it turns out to be a memorable event for you and everybody attending it. From choosing the venue to the kind of dishes guests will be served with, people look into each and every aspect of the wedding carefully. However, the one thing that often gets overlooked is the wedding car.

A wedding car is a vehicle that is usually organised for the bride and the groom to travel in. The bride could use a car to travel to the ceremony with a person or two, mostly her parents, accompanying her. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom will mostly use that car to go to their home or a location where they will get their pictures clicked.

Most people, who own cars themselves, hire a wedding car for their wedding. If you ask why, this is because a wedding car should be grand, opulent and special. It should be the kind that attracts the attention of the attendees and stand out from the large bevy of vehicles parked around.

Here are a few tips you can consider while choosing the right car for your wedding.

Check the timings

You have to be sure about the exact timings during which you need the car. You also need to know how many times you would require car services. Write these things down. If needed, check with those involved in organising the wedding. The couple should be kept in the loop about everything and one must run every detail through them. If you are planning a photo opportunity session after the wedding, keep the rental service informed about it and if the car will be available at the time you want it. Do not indulge in any last-minute activity.

Finalise the theme

Theme based weddings have gained a lot of popularity in the last several years. If you are organising a wedding that is based on a particular theme, you have to ensure that the car that you are hiring gels well with that theme. You could speak to the car rental company and share ideas on how you can decorate or accessorise the car so that it not only looks nice but also complements the theme of the wedding. Many companies also give you the option to choose from a variety of colour schemes. If you are going for a traditional wedding ceremony without much fanfare, hiring a vintage car could be a good idea.

Number of people

Usually, the wedding car is used by the bride and the groom after the wedding or by the bride to arrive at the venue. However, it could be used by other people too. The bride could be accompanied by her parents while coming down for the wedding. Some people might want to get inside the car for some time for a photo session with the bride and the groom. You have to be absolutely sure about the number of people who will be using the car. That will help you decide on the size of the car you wish to hire.

Figure out the routes

New-age car rental companies like to have the route or the areas through which the car will be travelling decided in advance. When they ask you for information regarding the same, you need to have complete clarity about it. Any changes at the last moment regarding the route will put you and the company in unnecessary trouble. It would be great if you can chart a timetable and share it with the car company.

Chauffeur service

There are some car rental companies which offer the services of a chauffeur with the car. There are also companies that don’t offer this service. If there is somebody in the family who is willing to drive the car, then you probably would not need the services of a chauffeur. However, if there is nobody at your disposal to do the same, you might as well speak to a company that would send a chauffeur along with the car. Check the credentials of the chauffeur and verify basic information like whether he knows how to use a GPS and is familiar with the areas around which the car will be driven in.

Look for local companies

There are many car rental companies which offer very good service but do not have their offices everywhere. If you book a car from a local company or one which has its office in the area you are based in, it would be easier for you to reach out to them or keep them informed about any change in the plan immediately. You can also contact them easily in case you have any grievance or face any issue with the service provided by them. When you go to a local company, you can also cross-check with people about the quality of services provided by the company and how reliable they are.

Check availability

Wedding car companies offer customers the option to book a car several months in advance. Because of this very factor, you must book a car as soon as you finalise the date for the wedding. When you visit a car rental company, the first thing you need to enquire them about is their availability. Let them know about the car you would prefer to rent and check whether it would be available on the day you need it. Take the conversation ahead only when you are sure about the availability of the vehicle.

Read the contract carefully

Hiring a large-sized and well-accessorised wedding car is usually an expensive affair. The car company will write up a contract that would require the signatures of both the parties. Read the document very carefully and ensure that it has all the necessary details including the routes the car will cover, travel time, type and model of the car, the final amount you will be paying.