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How to Avoid Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Eyes add to the beauty of your face and the last thing you would want to see when you look at yourself in the mirror is the dark circle below your eyes. Dark circles form due to a multitude of reasons and there are treatments to get rid of them as well. More importantly, you may want to know if you can avoid getting dark circles, and if it is feasible, what steps are needed.

Before the ways to avoid dark circles are discussed, it is essential to know how and why dark circles are formed.

Why Do Dark Circles Form?

The forming of dark circles below your eyes takes place by the blood vessels immediately beneath your facial skin showing up. There is no one single reason for this to happen. Nobody wants to deliberately do things that result in the forming of dark circles. Some of the reasons can be natural like ageing while others can be due to physical exertion.

  • Age: It is explained that as one becomes older, the facial skin can turn thinner and some of the blood vessels below the surface of the skin can start showing up. This becomes the dark circle below your eyes over time.
  • Lack of sleep or oversleeping: Your eyes should be rested periodically and the regular sleep you have daily ensures this. However, if you get into the habit of staying up late or if you oversleep, the skin can turn pale. As the skin just below your eyes is very sensitive, the blood vessels beneath it can become more visible.
  • Overstrain: If you spend endless hours in front of a television screen or a computer monitor, your eyes can get strained and the result could be dark circles.
  • Allergy: Some people can have an allergic reaction and due to that dark circles can get formed.
  • Overexposure to sun: If you are out in the open for an extended period and get exposed to the sun, there is a possibility of pigmentation occurring resulting in the formation of dark circles.

Apart from these, there are also cases of people developing dark circles due to genetic reasons.

How to Avoid Dark Circles?

It should be easy to answer the question by asking not to do anything that leads to the dark circles getting formed. That would be oversimplifying the issue. There are indeed a few steps you can take to stop or prevent dark circles from being formed.

  • Taking good care of your eyes: One suggestion is to keep the skin around your eyes cool. For this, experts suggest you keep cucumber slices on your eyes every morning. Ideally, you should lie down flat and allow the skin to absorb the juice from the cucumber slices for about 10 minutes. The alternate idea is to keep cool teabags instead of cucumber.
  • Drinking lots of water: Water, as a general therapy, is suggested by most health experts. Many people get dark circles due to dehydration also. The body has to be kept hydrated all the time. It will ensure that the skin will not go dry and result in dark circles.
  • Staying away from the sun: This is perhaps another piece of advice that you hear from experts often. Exposing the skin to direct sunlight can cause problems. While sunlight is the source of vitamin D and it is essential for the human body, sensitive parts of the skin like near the eyes and your face should not be continuously exposed to direct sunlight. Wear coloured glasses that cover your eyes and the skin below. You can also wear a scarf. Better still, you can apply a suitable sunscreen lotion.
  • Enhance your lifestyle: This includes three or four areas. One is a balanced diet. Ensuring you consume fresh fruits and vegetables is part of this. Get sufficient sleep every day. This is important. You should be able to sleep uninterrupted for around 7 hours. Consult a dermatologist to know if your skin is allergic to some stuff and avoid them. 

If you have not been successful with any of these and end up having dark circles or see the signs of their development, there are treatments available. These range from simple home-based remedies to creams and even surgical ways to make the skin bright and healthy again.