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8 Cosmetic Items You Need While Travelling

Everybody is born beautiful. You need a bunch of cosmetic items to look your best. A dash of makeup just helps in augmenting your beauty and ensuring that you look presentable at all times. You must have some important cosmetic items stocked up at your place so that you never have to worry about looking your best for an important work meeting or making heads turn in a party that your friend has organised.

But, what about the times when you are travelling? Is it okay to leave behind your cosmetics when you are out on a tour?

You should not miss out on an opportunity to look your best when you are on the move or are travelling. You just need to make some space in your baggage to accommodate a few important cosmetic items.

Here are 8 cosmetic items you need when you are travelling.

Bronzer and Blush

While bronzer can be categorised as blush, blush cannot be classified as bronzer. Sounds confusing? Blush is used to add a certain warmth to the surface of your cheeks and bronzer is used specifically to lend your face a slightly ‘bronzed’ or ‘tanned’ look. Travelling for long hours can make your face look a little pale and rob the charm off it. Even if you do not have the time to get an elaborate make-up done, you can apply a blush or bronzer quickly on your face and make it look fresh and confident. While getting a blush for your cheeks, you have the option to look for and choose among a wide variety of colours.

Under-Eye Concealer

An under-eye concealer works towards concealing or hiding any signs of dark circles under your eyes. If you have been travelling under the sun for several hours at a stretch or have suffered from sleepless nights on account of moving from one place to another, you could very well use a concealer. Finding an under-eye concealer that suits your skin tone is not an easy task but one that is completely worth the hassle. It is one of the most important cosmetic items that you need to carry along while travelling.

Cotton Buds

These are cheap, easily accessible and very useful. Cotton buds are categorised as beauty products but serve a variety of purposes. You can put them in your ears to protect themselves from the perils of changing air pressure during a flight. They also prove to be helpful when there is a lot of noise outside and you want to block everything out to catch on some sleep. Now, let’s talk about how it works as a beauty product. You can use them to clean up stale make-up off your face and wipe your nails in case a jerk in the bus did not let you apply the nail polish correctly.

Lip Balm

If you have to choose between a lip stick and a lip balm while travelling around, it would be wise to go in for the latter. You experience a change in climate or weather when you move from one location to another. The changing climatic conditions could affect the skin on your lips adversely. A lip balm has moisturising properties and can avoid the possibility of you suffering from dry or chapped lips. There are certain commercial lip balms that contain a small percentage of alcohol in them. Avoid using them as they could make your lips drier.

Metal Spoon

Most people associate metal spoons with something that help one in scooping the food and eating it. While metal spoons do serve that purpose, they are also helpful in reducing the dark skin appearing under your eyes. These bags are a result of not being able to sleep for a long period of time. Put the metal spoon in the refrigerator or in some other area where the temperature is very cold. Let it remain there throughout the night. In the morning, press the metal spoon against your eyes in a gentle manner. This will lead to a significant reduction in the swelling and make you feel fresh and lively.

Face Powder

If you are travelling to a place where the temperature is very warm or humid, you must carry a face powder in your bag. There are many good face powders available in the market at different price ranges and you should not have trouble finding a good one. Dusting a bit of the powder across your face will help in safeguarding your makeup against the heat and the sweating resulting out of it. It also works very well when you are putting makeup on oily skin. It ensures that the makeup stays put and does not wither away from the skin.


Mascara, when applied in the right way, can add oodles of glamour to your look. While it is important to carry mascara when you are travelling, you must also get one which is of premium quality. If you invest in a low-grade mascara, there is a high chance that it will get smudged while you are travelling or on the move. This will put you in an embarrassing situation. To avoid this, look for the ones that are travel-friendly or last for a long period of time. Try not to apply it on your lashes when you are in a moving vehicle.

Light Facial Cleanser

Products which help you clean up your makeup are as important as the ones which enable you to get your makeup done while on the move. What happens is that when you travel, you accumulate a large amount of dust, dirt or grease from your surroundings on your face. So, taking off your makeup becomes quite a necessity after a point of time. Carry a good quality, light facial cleanser that will help you get rid of your makeup when it gets too hot or when you feel extremely uncomfortable wearing it while travelling around.