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5 Internet Marketing Strategies Learnt During COVID

Internet Marketing Strategies

The Coronavirus pandemic brought with it many challenges to businesses, large medium or small. Many small businesses that depended entirely on walk-in customers in the physical model had to bear the worst consequences. People had an opportunity to take their business online, try and exploit it fully as there was a visible increase in the online purchase of goods and services by the public at large.

This also meant that an online business had to intensify their online marketing efforts nd improve their sites authority. Those business owners who thought cutting down on promotional expenses was the wise thing to do were proven wrong. Those who used the right internet marketing tactics made the best out of the opportunity covid-19 offered.

People were spending more time on the internet from their homes and searching for more products to order. It was essential for a business to have an online presence to get noticed.

Let’s take a look at the 5 digital marketing strategies that proved to be effective during COVID-19. Following these in the future will definitely help in growing your business.

  1. Google My Business entry must be updated

Your business must have a ‘Google My Business’ page and it should be updated with information about your business and the operational timings. This will show your business to those searching for products or services along with the words ‘near me’ on Google. If you have a business that is open but with restricted timings, update the details there so that your customers will know. You can add a box with a notice to your customers. If you have created an online response system or an order taking/delivery system over phone or mail, you can list those details there.

Even if your business is temporarily closed for any reason, you can mention that and Google will carry the notice. This is something new Google has introduced to help businesses during these tough times. You can make the changes yourself from the Google My Business dashboard. 

  • Keep the Communication with Your Customers Going

Your regular customers may not mind receiving some updates from you on what’s going on from time to come. You can use the Facebook hub-like forums to keep your customers updated. Many businesses have made some changes in the way their operations were conducted due to the restrictions in place.

Customers understand and appreciate these changes due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Keeping them informed makes them feel important and cared for. It contributes to your customer relationship management and will be very useful for the future. 

  • Make Best Use of the FAQ Section

Keep the FAQ section on your website updated to include the latest information on the current status of your business. You can have a box on the home page directing the visitors to the FAQ pages. Coming directly from the company, the customers feel reassured that they can come back and do business with you.

You can add information on the availability of your products, and the likely delivery dates if ordered. Such regular updates can result in your web pages being picked by Google’s algorithms and your website may find a better position in the search engine results.

  • Launch a Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads could be an effective way to show to your existing and future customers that you are quite active as a business. If there are alternative ways to reach your products, that can also be shown in the ads. You can also use the ads to make some attractive announcements like discounts or offers. It will send the right kind of message to your customers. 

  • Make Full Use of Social Media

You can hardly ignore social media at any time, more importantly during tough times such as COVID-19. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other such platforms carry important messages across. Your digital marketing strategy has to include periodical messaging through these sites. It could be a new product you have developed or some change in the price or anything that can keep your customers’ interests alive. The top of the mind recall must not be allowed to fade away.  

As a business with an online presence, it is very important to stay connected with the customers. Following the right digital marketing strategies would help in generating more revenues.